How to SUPA?
Instructions for setting up SUPA
How do you setup your SUPA Powered Sports Bra and Strap?

How do I setup SUPA with my Apple Watch 2?
Download the SUPA App on your iPhone. Connect to your Apple Watch 2. Get SUPA!

Can I wash the SUPA Powered Sports Bra?
Yes! 1. Detach the SUPA Reactor before washing. 2. Do not tumble dry. 3. Do not use softener.

Will it work if I have dry skin?
We use a fabric that picks up an electrical signal and can only conduct it if your skin is wet. So dampen your skin first and keep moving. If you stop moving you’ll dry out. That's not a good look.

How do I sport the SUPA Strap/SUPA Bra?
The golden fabric on the bra and the black patch on the strap is where the SUPA smart sensors are. So make sure that fabric is underneath your chest. Close to your heart. One love.

SUPA Reactor
How long does the battery last?
300 SUPA sweaty hours

Can I replace the battery?
Yes, open the back of the SUPA Reactor and replace the coin cell battery to keep the heartrate party bumpin.

Can I give my SUPA Reactor a special name?
Yes, you can name your SUPA Reactor in the APP. Go to your profile.

The APP does not find the SUPA Reactor?
The Reactor uses bluetooth to talk to SUPA.AI, so make sure you have it enabled. 1. Switch on Bluetooth on your phone. 2. Place one SUPA Reactor on your bra or strap. 3. Wet the skin under the sensor. 4. Ensure the sensor is tight fitting on your skin. 5. Try to connect again.

Why do I need to enable HealthKit?
One of the basic biometrics SUPA measures is that heartrate of yours, and we can't hear it without HealthKit. So turn it on and pump up that heart beat, baby!

Why do I need to allow access to my camera?
SUPA uses the camera sometimes: Pics or it didn't happen! When you SUPA Snap in the app, it acts like a visual record of your activity. So when the rest of your SUPA Squad can't believe you did all those moguls, you can send them a SUPA Selfie.

Why do I need to allow access to GPS?
SUPA uses GPS sometimes: Some SUPA Powers, like Run Like Flash, run best outside. The AI uses GPS to map where your run took place, your best mile time, your gain in elevation, and SUPA can better compute external environmental factors when we run outside. Or dance. In the street.

Why does SUPA need so much access?
We're not evil, just geniuses. The more of your data we have, the smarter the app can be for you. Can you dig that?

I installed SUPA and it isn't working!
Be like Salt and Peppa and PUSH IT. Push and hold that app, real good, and deinstall. Then retry.