SUPA is a biometric sensor platform for apparel. We empower brands to offer SUPA Powered apparel and create meaningful experiences with highly personalized insights.

Video Documentary by Forbes
iMessage Stickers come with the app!
How to SUPA?
Take out your SUPA gear.

Snap SUPA Reactor onto SUPA Connector.

Slightly wet your skin below sensors for better reading.

Put on your SUPA gear and get SUPA POWERED!
Activate your SUPA powers!

SUPA is your personal AI. It grows with you. Your moves, your diet, your asthma - what you put in, SUPA analyzes and spits recommendations out. If you can do it with your body, you can do it better with SUPA.

We do not believe in health conditions.
We call those SUPA Powers!

SUPA Ethos
What's a Heart Rate Zone Anyway?

SUPA Intel
SUPA X Mercedes


SUPA Street Cred

Mercedes-Benz did an original video with SUPA, NASA invited us to a solutions meeting at the Space Center, and UNICEF added us to their catalogue for Wearables for Good.

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